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位於大埔的美國學校 American School Hong Kong (ASHK)


昨天帶學生到位於大埔的美國學校American School Hong Kong(ASHK)做測試,在等候的過程中招生官帶我們遊了校園一圈。從細節上都可以看出學校很重視學生成長的過程,校園四周都放滿了學生的藝術作品,鼓勵學生髮揮創意。另外,我也很喜歡學校鼓勵學生多閲讀,牆壁上都貼滿了讀物的推介,學校藏書也多,閲讀風氣特好🥰🥰🥰。ASHK的另一個賣點是它能貫徹STEAM的概念到每一個學科範疇上,從小培養學生的探索精神。學中文方面,學校的高級中文班都是跟本地中學的中文水平,確保學生在全英語的環境學習也不忽略中文。學校8月份就開辦第一屆 10年級了,他們也會在不久的將來在11和12年級推行IB Diploma,香港又多一所提供IB DP的學校了😍😍😍

Chaperoned my student to attend an admissions assessment at American School Hong Kong (ASHK) in Taipo yesterday. I would like to thank ASHK’s admissions office for their great hospitality and showing us around the campus. It was a lovely visit!

Here are a few takeaways from the campus tour:

- ASHK promotes creativity and encourages students to develop a passion for reading since young. It’s not hard to see artworks displayed along the corridor and books recommendation hanging on the walls. ASHK has also built a hug collection of books at the library and in the EAL classroom so children could get access to new knowledge at all times.

- Another thing that caught my attention is how ASHK’s teachers apply the STEAM concepts thoroughly across the curriculum. Example: students are asked to re-create the weapons used by Chinese soldiers back in the Shang Dynasty in a reading class. Students would need to do their research online on the weapons’ details (appearances, materials used), design their own weapons and materialise the design with a 3D printer. Finally, students would need to utilise the colour theory they acquired to find the right Pantone to paint their models. Voila! That’s how they created their masterpieces.

- Regarding ASHK’s Chinese programme, the school adopts the local Chinese curriculum in their high-level Chinese classes. They make sure students do not forget their chinese albeit using English at school all the time.

- ASHK will welcome their first cohort of Grade 10 students in the coming August. The school will also implement the IBDP curriculum for Grade 11 and 12 students in the following year.

Want to get more information about ASHK? Feel free to drop us a line @95321138


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